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Sunday, 22 July 2007

It'll never happen to me...

You see it in the movies. You hear about this on the news. You think to yourself, how could anyone be so careless? You think, "It'll never happen to me".

As i was driving along the other day, rather slowly as i was looking at houses, we saw a little toddler playing on the grass verge. At first we thought, "how cute!" then we realised WHERE he was playing and looked around to expect his mother to be standing behind.

But alas, no mother, no father, no ANYBODY! I just went along and said out loud i hope the parent IS somewhere nearby! But mez being the lovely girl she is, convinced me to turn back coz she had a bad feeling and wanted to check on the toddler. So I did.

Thank God we did.

As i drove back, another car was coming the other way. As it drove past, the toddler was still there, oblivious to the world. Then he proceeded to step ONTO the road and wander. Mez was out of the car in a flash and scooped him up into her arms. All that came from the toddler were some baby giggles, as kids do their giggling.

We went into the house, whose front door and gate were opened, and went lookin for the irresponsible parent. The look on the father's face was priceless when we asked him,"Um excuse me, is this your child?"

I know he was extremely appreciative of what we did for him and his son, and the shock was enough to keep him speechless. But surely if you had a child that age, you would NEVER let him out of your sight!

But then again, it's easy to think "It'll never happen to me....."

Friday, 1 June 2007

How big can Dinosaur stool get!?

I heard about this place on the news the other day....


A museum based on the first book of the bible, Genesis. A place where exhibits are based on Creation, not evolution. The history of the world according to God. Shows how God's works and creations have developed over the years.

And as usual, just coz it's got to do with "religion", there has to be some controversy.

Groups are protesting against the museum's opening. WTF!? There are evolutionists claiming it's wrong as it will 'confuse' kids when they go to school. One thing that really pisses me off are these groups out there condemning one thing, and thinking their own farts dont stink.

These so called "scientists" say that evolution is science and hence is taught at school and hence a museum like this confuses kids.... where do they get off on this idea? Have they forgotten that evolution comes from one man's THEORY, which struggles to be backed up with HARD facts anyway.

On the otherhand, Creation is supported by no man's theories, but by GOD himself. I've had to study evolution in uni, and its the biggest load of dinosaur stool i've had to learn. Part of my life i will never get back.....

You dont see Christians banging down the door of London's Natural History Museum, claiming that their exhibits of dinosaurs are heresy. So just coz Christians want a chance to display their views, why the heck are they being torn apart here?

All i have to say is, Fair go. Christians dont hound these so called 'scientists' on the crap they claim to teach to the world, so why cant they show the same RESPECT & courtesy and go find a shovel and keep diggin around for whatever it is next they need to make up their next evolutionary theory....

Monday, 28 May 2007

King Indeed?

Some people claim that the Durian is the "King of fruits"........

Judging by these expressions, Kings my arse.....

As Christa so eloquently puts it, "It's like somebody vomited down my throat!"

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Easter 07

Easter Long weekend was a good one....

Nothing exciting report, on other hand, its the extreme opposite of exciting, it was a time of relaxation, good friends, good times and great weather.......

Yes Christa, you're such a Poser!!

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Nearly a quarter...

We are one week into march. That's nearly a quarter of the way through 2007. Where does time go?

The first couple of months and a bit have been a struggle. Things have been so hectic with work, i feel breathless thinking about it. Then my cousin from melb moved in with me, which is cool, but nonetheless is a change to get used to. Then it went up a gear with the death 2 weeks ago. I never realised that true grieving is so difficult. Emotions go through you as if you mean nothing, and it makes it tough to be "yourself" so to speak.

Then returning last week, i stepped off the plane and hit the ground running......
>Work up to my eyeballs.
>Crap & nonsense happening at work to complicate things.
>Engagement parties & hence presents.
>40+ weather.
>Lack of food at home.
>Eagles losing.
>Friends that always want to "do" something.
>Strained friendships.
>Lost friendships.
>Parents who abuse their children.

Cant wait for this quarter to end......

Thursday, 8 February 2007


I've never found boxing or WWF or any of the "bloodsports" interesting at all. In fact, whenever i saw it on tv, i'd do the immediate change channel. But here's something that i'm really getting into.... Ultimate Fighting.

For some reason, it's got a different vibe about it and quite absorbing. Maybe its the fact that there are NO rules to this, and 2 guys are literally fighting for their lives. Blood and sweat are the norm, and this truly is a endurance test, not to mention survival.

It makes me really feel like a true wimp.......... I am so not a man...... :p

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Good or Bad?

Being 5 weeks into 2007 already, its made me think where the yr's gone. Not just that, but it's been so hectic that i'm lookin around for some sort of relief! And for the time being, it looks unlikely that will happen anytime soon.

PLUS, add the fact that i've got 5 weddings to attend this year already, it's getting crazy. This is something i really am not looking forward to. I understand that all of us have to go thru this at some stage of our lives, but i cant believe that my time has come. But this many weddings? We're only in Feb!! And i know that the inevitable question will rise during these times, "So when are YOU gonna be tying the knot?"

I'm looking forward to my couz Nat moving to Perth tommorow night, for at least the next 2 yrs, studying a postgrad course. She's to become my new housemate, and its just great to have her here.